March 3, 2017

Accu-Precision reviews its customer purchase orders (POs).  In the event any of the terms listed below are specifically in conflict with acknowledged customer POs, the customer PO will take precedent.

When customer provided design documents contain conflicts, typos or omissions, Accu-Precision will use customer provided data in the following order of precedent; PO as the governing document, followed by any provided drawings, specifications, and finally any provided solid models.

When only material thermal treatment is specified, it is assumed that any subsequent stress relieving is based on material form factor.  If form factor is also not specified, subsequent stress relieving is deemed to be optional.

Discovered conflicts or typos will be identified in finalized document and inspection records.

In the event requested part marking cannot physically fit on the part, Accu-Precision will either reduce font size down to 1/16 inch minimum or bag and tag parts for identification purposes.